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Wpisy z okresu: 7.2007



DIK pojawil sie juz w Rumuni, a za pare miesiecy spodziewajcie sie calego rumunskiego numeru, na razie lapiemy nieznajomych nieswiadomych modeli, jak chocby ten z pociagu ;)


Crowds at previous Publish and Be Damned fair

Publish and Be Damned does as it says in its title; it demonstrates individual approaches to making and distributing the work of artists, writers and musicians outside of the commercial mainstream. And at the end of the month it hosts its fourth magazine fairs at the Rochelle School in Shoreditch.

Encompassing DIY fanzines, magazines, critical journals, glossy periodicals, video compendiums and independent record labels the fair offers a rare opportunity to discover a wide variety of publications and to meet their producers.

The fair continues to profile a range of London based publications such as Stephen Willats’ CONTROL magazine, Cathy Lomax’s Garageland and Arty, Spartacus Chetwynd’s audio-publication Audio Theory and community based fanzines produced by the art and architecture collective, Public Works. Including material in a variety of formats; posters from Donald Urquhart and John Frum Press, newspapers such as Conrad Ventur’s Useless and The Newspaper by Eleanor Brown alongside creative writing by Matthias Connor as Poppy Books and new record releases from Junior Aspirin, the fair seeks to foster a network of self-producers and offer a platform to present work with limited distribution possibilities.

The event provides a unique platform for many publications from across United Kingdom and abroad. These include queer-feminist journal LTTR, New York, Starship and Basso from Berlin and Trzaskopismo, Piktogram and DIK Fagazine from Poland.

For further information visit the website www.publishandbedamned.org. The fair takes place on Sunday 29th July 2007, 14.00 – 19.00, Rochelle School, Club Row, Arnold Circus, E2 7ES.

17.07.2007 by Ed Greenacre/www.artrabbit.com


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na ekranie w tle koncert Julio Jglesiasa ;)







jelen=symbol Lux jako kulturalnej stolicy europy


taki performance..


centaury i kryształy (cooperacja z Paula Muller)


Marco, Paula, Endi


art workshop czesc 1/ Luxemburg

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